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When it comes to defending the Princess of Silador, no tactic, maneuver, or attack is dishonorable, my duty as her Prostátis is to keep her alive above my own glory.

Robert Prostátis, Guardian of Elyssa

Hello and welcome to Wes Writes

Wes Writes is the website for writer and storyteller Wesley C. Paulson, he invites you to come and explore the fantastical realms of his mind and join him on his journey of writing, working and living in our world today. This site is mostly to share updates to his writing and selected short stories from the worlds he is developing.

Current Realms in Progress:


Soul Wizard (Coming Soon!)

Writing Thoughts

I shall never stop fighting you, nor stop trying to save my people from your sick cruelties, for as long as I draw breath I will be there to resist against men such as yourself.

Elyssa, Empress of Silador