You don’t need a special reason to listen to Marvin Gaye, he makes every occasion special just by you listening.

Jas, Professional Soul Wizard

Living in the wild wilderness of his own mind for the past 30-oddish years, Wesley has been a fantasy fan since he was eight and his dad got him the Mind’s Eye Radio dramatization of The Hobbit. Suddenly finding a reason to want to overcome his dyslexia and learn to actually read, Wesley soon read all of Lewis, Jacques, McCaffrey, McKinley, Kurtz, Tolkien and dozens of other fantasy writers.

He now wants to share the joy of reading and story telling with the next generation of kids who were told they were never going to be able to read despite what special education teachers in less enlightened parts of the country might say. Having worked on his own worlds for several years he is now embarking on polishing his first manuscript and seeking publishing represenstation.

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